Bridal Wear     Clothing Alterations  
Wedding Dresses     Jeans  
Consultation Fee £00.00   Shorten £8.00
Shorten Plain Hem £40.00   Waist & Seat £15.00
Shorten Hem with Nets £55.00   Replace Zip £13.00
Shorten Hem with Hairbraid £55.00      
Shorten Hem with Chiffon £60.00   Trousers  
Shorten from Waist £70.00   Shorten £7.00
Shoulder Lift £40.00   With Turn_ups £14.00
Shoulder Lift - Beaded £50.00   Waist & Seat £15.00
Take in Bodice £50.00   Replace Zip £12.00
Take in Bodice Boning £65.00   Taper £12.00
Bridesmaids/Prom. Dresses     Skirt  
Consultation Fee (per dress) £00.00   Shorten £10.00
Shorten Hem £25.00   Waist & Hip Take in £20.00
Lift Sholders £22.00   Taper £12.00
Take in with boning £45.00   Replace Zip £12.00
      Replace Invisible Zip £13.00
Dresses     Alter Lining +£5.00
Shorten Hem £12.00      
Replace Zip £15.00      
Lift Shoulders £15.00      
Alter Lining +£5.00      

These prices are for the most frequently requested alterations. Please ask for a quote for anything not listed. To make bespoke dresses or other items I usually work roughly at £10 per hour, plus preparation time, and any time spent researching materials etc. I keep a selection of material in my workshop which you are welcome to view and purchase. I also have a selection of dresses for you to try to help you decide on a style that suits you best, and to give you ideas for fabrics and embellishments.  These dresses are not all new, but they are for sale should you take a fancy to any of them.  They are mostly priced between £40 and £60 and of course they can be altered to ensure the perfect fit.